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Press release

Charles (Chuck) Auten recently COO of the Sherrill wood divisions at Sherrill Furniture: has, today joined British owned case goods manufacturer Rochdale Spears Co Ltd. As VP of Sales and Merchandising.

“I am very excited to announce this appointment,” says Geoffrey Hawkes, English Chairman of Rochdale Spears. “Chuck’s appointment will build on the success of Rochdale Spears and further establish us a lead supplier of authentic and fine craft furniture”.

Rochdale Spears is a specialist in European and English antique reproduction furniture, with an established manufacturing base in Vietnam. The company employs over 1,900 local employees and a team of dedicated English furniture specialists.

Chuck has extensive experience in the furniture Industry, specializing in Product Development and Merchandising. For the past 8 years he has worked for the Sherrill group and has been pivotal in restructuring the Hickory White product offering.

“At Rochdale Spears I will be looking to expand our stable of designers to allow the product lines to broaden in both look and appeal, as well as working directly with the brands in understanding the needs of our clients and ensuring we design into this’. Says Chuck.

Hot tip – visit the Century Furniture showroom, Spring Highpoint to see the new exciting Monarch collection.

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