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The first in our material blog series: Wood

We want to keep our readers up to date with information and news about the latest materials and technologies we use, the first in our material blog series is WOOD:

Wood is one of the most abundant and versatile natural material on Earth and unlike some ores, and petroleum, it is renewable with proper care.

The most widely used woods for construction and woodworking come from two groups of trees: the ‘softwoods’ like Pine, Spruce and Fir, and ‘hardwoods’ like Oak, Maple and Walnut.

The key concern when working with wood in the furniture business is density and moisture content, which affect the strength of wood: Wood will absorb or ‘desorb’ moisture until it is in equilibrium with its surroundings. The equilibration process, otherwise known as drying, causes unequal shrinkage in the wood, and can cause wood damage if the drying occurs too rapidly. The process therefore needs to be carefully controlled.

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