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A Fresh Market For Monarch

The fresh Monarch line this fall is set to appeal to the growing number of fashion forward designer accounts and interior designers.

Family Friendly

Inspiration for the Monarch line continues to come from the craftsmen of the 18th Century, the forms, carvings and precise marquetry of this period are timeless.  However, this season, inspired by a less formal and more family friendly consumer we added colour, shape, distressing and a mix of materials for a more eclectic look.  Introduced is physical distressing and a dryer, less shiny finish for a time worn appearance, to which a nick or a scratch gives the design more character.

Mixing Materials

The style conscious consumer is much in mind, with pieces focused on colour and mixing materials such as metal, stone and eglomise.

What’s New

Added are new wood finishes and materials to diversify our look beyond wood solids and veneers.  Consumers are over-exposed to a sea of big brown shiny furniture; so we introduced a variety of antique finishes;

  • Antique Chalk
  • Antique Denim
  • Textured Ivory
  • Bleached Walnut
  • Sand Blasted Oak

These new relaxed and lighter finishes sit well with our traditional offerings. We mixed designs by using different materials that complement our wood products.  Product was presented in numerous metals and finishes;

  • silver leaf
  • gold leaf
  • antiqued brass
  • nickel

New designs were shown in antiqued eglomise glass and we introduced a number of deco inspired items in ebony and ivory lacquer.


About the Author

Chuck Auten

Chuck Auten

Chuck Auten is VP of Merchandising for Rochdale Spears. He is based in the Rochdale Spears US office in Hickory, NC. Chuck has extensive experience in the furniture Industry, specializing in Product Development and Merchandising. Chuck leads a stable of designers as well as working directly with the brands.

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