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450_Living Room 15.11.11

Archive Home’s second showing

The appetite for casual, lighter finishes in what was a dark brown furniture world is still robust.

Archive Home’s second showing with over 20 new pieces together with a completely revamped Monarch line, is far and away Rochdale Spears best show.

From the living room to the bedroom

Now that we are seeing good sales in living room and dining pieces, we have a great opportunity to take Archive and Monarch into bedroom. This will be the main focus for the Spring Market.  We will of course continue to present strong, timeless, functional items into the mix.

Will the strip and sandblasted look take hold of China

The biggest surprise for me this market was the international interest generated by the line, so soon.  As information travels around the globe so fast these days, the style of furniture is now truly a fashion business. Asia, before you know it, will be the next Continent to strip and sandblast their gilded English antiques and Geoff’s authentic reproductions.


About the Author

Ed Robinson


Edward Robinson is an Industrial Designer with over 20 years of experience in Home Furnishings. Robinson became the first designer and head of product development for Restoration Hardware, before moving on to start his own design company. In 2011, Robinson successfully launched Archive Home, a wholesale division of Rochdale Spears in partnership with Century Furniture. Ed lives and works in the bay area of San Francisco.

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