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Rochdale Spears opens new office in Hickory, NC

Chuck Auten, VP of Merchandising has been overseeing the renovation of this historic building in Hickory, NC for the Rochdale Spears US office.

Hickory is the spiritual heart of the US Furniture Industry, the oldest furniture manufacturers in the United States are located here and are still operating on their original site. Hickory White, formerly known as Hickory Manufacturing Company, was built in 1902 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

“It was a lot of fun renovating and I customised the space with some great local antique tools of the trade, here in the old town, we are living the history of the trade, which is inspirational”. Says Chuck.

“I’m looking forward to representing Rochdale Spears here and creating some great designs with our US partners”.

Chuck will be operating from the Rochdale Spears ‘Historic Hickory’ office from December 2011.

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Sarah Hawkes

Sarah Hawkes

Following a BA in Photography from the University of the Arts London, Sarah freelanced for the corporate and fashion industry, working with clients; Deutsch Bank, British Telecom, Burberry and Pringle. In 2014 Sarah moved from London to Hong Kong, where she lives with her Husband and 2 children. To share your views and news with Rochdale Spears contact Sarah at

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