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c770 20.03.12

Grass Carpet by Gaelle Villedary

How do we value great artists? does it move you? This is a moving installation work from Artist Gaelle Villedary.

Tapis Rouge

Jaujac is a small community in southern France. Gaelle has created ‘Tapis Rouge’ in celebration of the towns arts and nature trails programme. The artist wanted to connect the center of the town to the vast and rich natural surroundings.

What a fantastic achievement!

The grass carpet is a subtle and gentle red arrow pointing us in the right direction, isn’t that what art should do? It is gentle, touching and individually appealing. Looking at David Monjou images I fancy living in Jaujac and following the grass carpet out to touch nature every day.

Photographs from David Monjou.

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Sarah Hawkes

Sarah Hawkes

Following a BA in Photography from the University of the Arts London, Sarah freelanced for the corporate and fashion industry, working with clients; Deutsch Bank, British Telecom, Burberry and Pringle. In 2014 Sarah moved from London to Hong Kong, where she lives with her Husband and 2 children. To share your views and news with Rochdale Spears contact Sarah at

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