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rsz_guanacastewood 26.04.12

Guanacaste wood for the Bina Furniture line

The Guancaste Tree from Costa Rica, is a majestic and beautifully shaped tree prized for its shade giving branches and plentiful seeds with germination rates of nearly 100%. Guanacaste seedlings then grow rapidly, often reaching over one meter in height in their first year of life. These aggressive reproductive characteristics may be beneficially exploited in reforestation projects; Sometimes considered an invasive species. Its roots are strong and the larger trees may damage nearby structures.

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Sarah Hawkes

Sarah Hawkes

Following a BA in Photography from the University of the Arts London, Sarah freelanced for the corporate and fashion industry, working with clients; Deutsch Bank, British Telecom, Burberry and Pringle. In 2014 Sarah moved from London to Hong Kong, where she lives with her Husband and 2 children. To share your views and news with Rochdale Spears contact Sarah at

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