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IF 22.11.12

Reclaimed materials from The Carolinas Mills’

Rochdale Spears has purchased some beautiful old pine beams from Mills being deconstructed in Southern USA.
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rsz_bina (1) 26.04.12

Rochdale works with Thomas Bina

Rochdale Spears is proud to work with designer Thomas Bina, on the Bina Furniture range. Rochdale imported recycled Cruzetas and Perobas woods from Brazil in the form of 50-year-old salvaged beams from South American telephone poles. Read more of this post

rsz_guanacastewood 26.04.12

Guanacaste wood for the Bina Furniture line

The Guancaste Tree from Costa Rica, is a majestic and beautifully shaped tree prized for its shade giving branches and plentiful seeds with germination rates of nearly 100%. Read more of this post

c770 20.03.12

Grass Carpet by Gaelle Villedary

How do we value great artists? does it move you? This is a moving installation work from Artist Gaelle Villedary. Read more of this post

450_IMG_1299 15.11.11

A Fresh Market For Monarch

The fresh Monarch line this fall is set to appeal to the growing number of fashion forward designer accounts and interior designers.

Family Friendly

Inspiration for the Monarch line continues to come from the craftsmen of the 18th Century, the forms, carvings and precise marquetry of this period are timeless.  However, this season, inspired by a less formal and more family friendly consumer we added colour, shape, distressing and a mix of materials for a more eclectic look.  Read more of this post