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rsz_1keith_meyer_2 10.04.14

Keith Meyer joins Rochdale Spears

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Meyer as our Senior Finishing Technical Manager for Rochdale Spears. Keith brings a wealth of finishing knowledge and experience developed over the past 22 years serving in various roles in the U.S. as well as in Asia with Akzo Nobel Industrial Coatings and more recently with Kimball International.

In his role, Keith will help build on and expand the finishing capabilities of Rochdale Spears. We are excited to welcome Keith to the Rochdale Spears team and look forward to the value he will bring to our Finishing Team.

Rochdale Spears team 10.11.12

October Highpoint 2012, The Faces

You know the furniture – see the faces as RS does business at the US Highpoint Market in North Carolina. Above are Jean-Pierre Brown, Geoff Hawkes and Chuck Auten of Rochdale Spears. Read more of this post

rsz_factory4 10.11.12

Cong Ty Tnhh: Factory Four

A day of official ceremony at the opening of Rochdale Spears Fourth Factory.  Joining the celebration was Mr Phuc, Vietcombank, marking the important relationship that has seen the successful expansion of the Rochdale Spears business. Read more of this post

bob sitler 02.07.12

Bob Sitler Joins the Rochdale Team

Press release:

Location: Saigon, Vietnam: Time: Tuesday 26 June 2012

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Robert A. Sitler (Bob) as Director of Manufacturing Support for Rochdale Spears. Read more of this post

rsz_mn2025 21.05.12

A unique sample leaves a lasting impression

Designer Ed Robinson, created a unique challenge when designing a monumental mirror for the Archive Home collection. There was never any doubt this ‘one of a kind’ piece would make an impression on the showroom floor, Read more of this post