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Rochdale Spears and the environment

At Rochdale Spears we strive to reduce our impact on the environment in everything we do and make.

Rochdale Spears produces timeless furniture, hand crafted to the highest standards of quality. Products developed to these standards will survive the tests of time and be enjoyed for many generations. It is a fact that the longevity of a product is inversely proportional to the impact on the environment and therefore contributes toward sustainability.

Rochdale Spears follows policies and practices that promote environmental responsibility:

  1. All wood and wood materials are from environmentally responsible suppliers who obtain these materials from forests having high conservation values and are legally harvested.
  2. We know where our wood and wood materials are coming from and that they are being sourced from suppliers who operate ethical and sustainable practices.
  1. We recycle our wood waste products and any other materials which are recyclable.
  2. All finishing materials are from suppliers who have committed to sustainability and bio-diversity.
  3. Our corrugated cardboard for packaging is made with 60% recycled fibre as certified by SGS certifying agency.
  • EPP Downstream Licenced Facility
  • SGS System Certification
  • C-TPAT